Queremos promover Chile como un destino del Trail Running en el mundo, para eso etiqueta tus fotos en instagram con el #hashtag #trailrunningchile, ya sea una foto de un bosque en el sur, un volcan, el desierto o un valle. Queremos ver tus fotos, queremos verte a tí recorriendo Chile. Si has corrido en Chile, si eres un chileno que está corriendo por el mundo, no dudes en compartir tus fotos! Tambien queremos ver como eres un embajador de este deporte!


We want to promote Chile as a destination for Trail Running in the world, for that tag your photos on instagram with # trailrunningchile, either a photo of a forest in the south, a volcano, the desert or a valley. We want to see your photos, we want to see yourself running in Chile. if you came to Chile to run a race, if you’re a Chilean who is running around the world, feel free to share your photos! We also want to see that you are an ambassador of the sport!


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